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I was inspired by this project when making this game: https://litrouke.itch.io/please-answer-carefully 
Go play this too, this game is literally so great.

GAMEPLAY SUCKS SO BAD PLEASE PLAY IT FROM SCRATCH:https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/716077352/

About The Game:

This game is about getting stalked and stuff, it's a pretttyyy short horror game. 
Use your mouse to click on the buttons, use your keyboard when the game wants you to press any button on your keyboard. If you're on a mobile device (I hope you're NOT by the way) just click the monitor (there's a monitor in the game bruh) thats it. Use headphones, sound desing is everything.

I made this game in literally two days, I didn't sleep, I'M SO TIRED so this game better be good.


Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Horror, Pixel Art, Psychological Horror, Retro, Romance, Short, weird

Install instructions

Download the  superb tinnyy  file below, since the file is html, the game will open in your internet browser when you open the downloaded file.


1995.html 63 MB


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I absolutely love this thank you so mcuh

good little game

This is great! But this one really scared me(╥﹏╥) Nice work!

The game was short but it was nice overall. It does remind me of Please Answer Carefully but it was more analog. What did you use to make this game by the way? I saw that this game was also posted on Scratch. 

Also nice graphics btw. It's very convincing. Feels as if I was in 1995 even if I was born like four years before that.

i used block based coding so its pretty bad :D

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Oh I see. For me, it wasn't bad. The only shortcoming of your game is the length. But I liked it overall. It's graphics were pretty convincing.

Speaking of graphics, what did you use to make the graphics in your game? Was it from Scratch also?

 i used old windows buttons, messeage boxes and things like that, i drew some of the sprites and yeahh thats pretty much it

uhh it was 7 secs

i made it in two nights of course its bad

i loved this game so much but i was shitting my pants

oh nooo thank youu

Even for such a short game, this was lovely. I would love to see you expand it. If not then hey no worries :) I very much enjoyed my playthrough. *kisses*

awee thank youu


this takes me back when i got my first computer what was it,oh yeah a Bindows95 such a great brand of tech!


we love binbows

loved the html feature and i liked the game


Oh yes 1995 was really great..I remember "Binbows95" kkkk... when I got my first computer :) Nice game!


thank youu lo

Short but not as bad as you said all over the description Lol. Made a video on it.


idk i hated my game to be honest but people likes it so np :'

Hey-- just thought I'd let you know that my girlfriend checked your game out. She enjoyed the aesthetic! :)

I had some problems transferring the game to itch.io, so you encountered bugs in the game, thanks for playing anyway :)

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Nice short game !

Reminds me from my first PC with Windows 98'. Anyway, the most funny thing is the " Windows 95 " whit the imagine on the desktop from Windows XP :)) 

yeaah the background :'D

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This was a short horror game about getting stalked through the computer by a strange user. I liked that the game used pink as the primary colour throughout the game as it gives unsettling vibes and added on to the strange and scary feeling that the game has. It would be cool if the player can actually respond accordingly to what they want to get different endings and experience different events etc. but for a game made in 2 days, the game is quite good and straightforward in delivering the message of not giving strangers access to your computer. I also liked the design of the computer screen and the usage of Binbows XD. 

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


awe thankss